Tips to Keep the Tent Dry in Cold Weather Camping

cold weather campingWinter camping can be hazardous. You need to consider some precautionary measurements while camping in winter:

  • Carefully examine the campsite before going to set up the tent. Choose a flat spot. If you setup the tent in a hallow region, then you need to wind up camping in a lake if it begins raining.
  • Camping under the trees help to break the rain fall, but they will continue to drip after the rain has stopped.
  • Apply a seam sealer to the tent in order to improve the tent’s rain resistance. Spending some dollars and few minutes of time will help greatly.
  • Keep your tent ventilated otherwise condensation will form on the tent’s interior walls.
  • It is a good idea to place your sleeping bag on a pad or on air mattress. It will keep you warmer and the bed softer thus improving the sleep quality. It keeps you up from the tent floor if you get water into the tent.
  • It is a good idea to place canvas under the tent, but watch it carefully. If the canvas extends out further, then rain water will run under the tent.