Are There Any Risks in Choosing Credit Card Reservations for Lodging?

The majority of people slowly start using credit cards instead of real money. This is also advantageous for the motels. This way, they can be sure that the reservations are real and they are protected against income loss. However, offering all that information about the credit card could lead to misuse, fraudulent use, excess fees and taxes, or even theft.


Although the majority of motels are really careful when it comes to processing the credit cards there are still chances of fraud. When information is introduced in the system, it goes through numerous hands, it is viewed by the staff of the motel and it could be stored in databases.

Credit Card Reservations In MotelsWhen making a reservation there is need for your name, card security number, credit card number, phone number and address.

With this information anybody could use the same card for whatever they want.


When it comes to processing credit cards for motels technology makes it possible to store all information digitally. Nonetheless there are still some motels that use other formats as well.

Electronic formats offer some degree of security, but physical storage makes the chances of stealing credit card information higher.


When paying for a room reservation it is possible that the issuer of the card or the motel itself will charge extra fees or commissions. In some cases the motel operators pass the fees on to the customers, making the price of the reservation even higher. Sometimes there is a ‘hold’ placed on the card to make sure that the transaction will take place. This could result in fees that the card user didn’t think about.

Extra charges

Making the room reservation with a credit card could add extra fees during your stay. Upon arrival the motes ask for a credit card to ensure the payment of extra charges that could take place during the stay. Such extra charges include the use of the telephone, purchases from the gift shop, room service, damages to the room or theft. In many cases the extra fees aren’t mentioned to the customers upon arrival and they find out about them only later.

All in all using a credit card to reserve a room may be more dangerous than it seems at first sight. When offering information about credit cards it is important to make sure that the credit card processor takes safety measures to protect the information of the card user.