Camping with Your Baby – Pros and Cons

In case you are really into camping, you might wonder about the right age you can start taking your child into the wilderness. The truth is that there is no right answer regarding the right age to do so. There are some people who take their babies with them when the little one is only a few weeks old, while others prefer to wait a couple of years before their have the first family camping trip.

Camping with Your Baby – Pros and Cons


Think about Yourself

If you think you can keep yourself warm and protected while camping, you can be sure that you can do the same for the little one as well. On the other hand, you can never know what happens and your tent could get wet or you could get a horrible cold and in this case having the baby around is a whole different story.


One of the most important aspects that you have to think about is that you will have to follow some routines if you are camping with the baby. These include changing the diapers and warming the bottles. The majority of the campsites are prepared for such cases and they offer amenities for children, but you should be aware of the fact that regardless of these, things won’t be the same as home or in a hotel room.

Camping Gear

Most probably you know that camping gear, sleeping bags and camping clothing come in the smallest sizes as well, so you shouldn’t have any problems with these. However, you have to remember that while the baby may be small, his or her things will take up a lot of space. As a result you have to make sure that your tent is big enough and you have enough storage space for the baby’s stuff.

In the Genes

If you love the outdoors, you might want to take the baby camping as soon as possible. If the little one grows up accustomed with going camping all the time, it will be in their genes, just as it is in yours. If you are worried about your child, you should have them in the same tent compartment.

Learning Skills

One of the biggest advantages of taking children camping at an early age is that they will get used to being outdoors and they can learn a lot of skills. Most parents are glad to take their children camping because they will be away from video games, computers, and TV.

Being Worried

When you make the decision of taking your baby camping you have to be sure that this is what you want, otherwise you may be worried about them all the time and that can spoil all the fun. Most probably you are going camping to get away from the everyday worries and so you should have the right mindset for it.

Although you may think that camping with the baby is a whole lot of fuss, you have to remember that you can have a lot of fun together, as a family.