Camping On The Cheap: 7 Tips To Save Even More Money

Camping is a great way to spend a vacation and it is tough to find a more frugal way to spend your holidays.

Here are some tips to make your camping experience a real money saving event as well as learning to be kinder to the environment.

Reusing and recycling has never been more important as it is today with the concerns about climate change and global warming.

  1. No Pillows? No Problems- Simply bring along some zip lock backs and fill them with air. Though it may not seem to be the most comfortable idea, you will certainly be surprised at how well it works.
  2. Recycle Old Shower Curtains: Instead of throwing away old shower curtains why not clean them up and use them as ground tarps for your tent[camping tent]. It will serve as a nice piece of insulation and is much less wieldy than a traditional tarp when you are packing.
  3. Lighting Up: Spending money on waterproof matches? No need to anymore. Using nail polish or melted paraffin will waterproof even the flimsiest matches. Take advantage of the free matches often seen at venues where cigarettes are sold and dip them in.
  4. Prescription Bottles for Storage: Hang on to your old prescription bottles; they make a great place to store a variety of small items such as matches and batteries.
  5. Cold Water Problems: Is your water in your canteen getting warm quickly? Simply wrap it in tinfoil and this will keep the water colder for a longer period of time. No need to invest in fancy cooling devices.
  6. Save on Batteries: If you have experienced the problem of batteries going dead because of accidental switching on of a flashlight, etc., when packing up to leave be sure you put the batteries in your gear in backwards. Even if it gets turned on inadvertently, the batteries will not wear down and be wasted.
  7. Bugs Be Gone: Are mosquitoes feasting on your flesh like they are at a smorgasbord? Instead of using costly chemicals to keep the bugs away, give orange peels a go. All you have to do is eat the orange and rub the inner part of the rind on your face, arms and other vulnerable parts of your body. Not only will it be effective, but you will smell good too.

Being frugal and conscious of your carbon footprint when camping is really what it is all about besides just enjoying time spent outdoors. Try some of these tips that will not only save the environment, but money as well.