5 Camping Myths Everyone should Stop Believing

While camping, you may end up meeting many people and learning about different things, especially camping myths. These camping myths, at times, can be really ridiculous, but the way campers strongly believe in them is amazing.

In this article, we took it upon ourselves to clear out the confusion regarding a number of camping myths and debunk them quite high-handedly. So, let us begin with five camping myths that everyone keeps talking about but should be forthwith dismissed.

Five camping myths everyone should stop believing

1. Finding the perfect campground requires hours of efforts

Well, you do not really have to drive for hours to find out the one, perfect campground for yourself. Now that we have the Internet, you can easily exploit the vast resources it offers and finds out about the kind of campground you are looking for.

2. Pack everything in this whole universe

Well, no, you have got to stop thinking that you’d die without your essentials in camping. It is a common myth among campers—pack everything possible—that just does not make sense because camping requires a normal quantity of essentials to survive.

Well, most of the packing depends upon where your campground is. Study about the weather, topography, local connectivity, etc before packing your bag—this way you will be judicious.

3. Camping is not simple

You will hear many say that only those camp who have the guts to face the wilderness. Well, no, that is definitely not the case.

Everyone is equally entitled to enjoy the virtues of nature without having a knack for camping. You can always start anew and learn different things without running into trouble.

Moreover, there is a common misunderstanding that camping happens in dangerous, remote locations—this is absolutely not true. There are many kinds of camping options available such as glamping, urban camping, and whatnot.

4. There are no rules

Camping is about living close to nature, but you cannot spoil it the moment you are done with camping. There may not be any universal codified rules on camping, but there are certain things you must consider as a mandate.

  • You should not litter the place after having dismantled your camping set-up.
  • Avoid camping in public spaces and let others enjoy the surrounding areas as much as you do.
  • Do not be too loud and cause a disturbance.
  • Do not light a fire if you do not have a permit from the landowner
  • Do not stay too long.
  • Do not attract too much attention from the public.
  • Do not urinate in rivers and be considerate towards nature.

5. Camp wherever you like

Camping should be done in places where you do not attract too much attention. If you are urban camping, it is always recommended you select those public spaces where you can cause minimum disturbance.

While choosing the campsite, you will have to take into account a number of things such as permission, local rules, and whatnot. For example, England prohibits camping on open spaces.

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