Camping Cooking Made Easy

When camping for long periods, it is essential to carry the right kind of food that is light on your back and at the same time easy to cook. No one wants to fuss over food when more interesting objectives like fishing, hiking or even just lying around the campfire are waiting for you.

camping cookingReady to eat meals and frozen dried food are great options for those who don’t want to deal with food preparation on a camping trail. These are light weight and need minimum cooking skills and time.

You can pick your favorites from the wide range available. Another easy to cook food would be bacon. All you need is a pan or skillet to cook it in. It needs no extra fat to cook and the left over bacon fat can be used to cook eggs.

Canned food too is a great option to carry with you. Canned soups can be a welcome change on damp or cold days. Boxed food like dry noodles or rice items are again easy to carry and easier still to cook. You can carry burgers, breads and eggs but remember to finish them early in the trip.

Trail mix with beef jerky, granola bars and dried fruits are a nutritive choice. Powders for drinks would be a wise choice too. You can carry instant tea and coffee and even tang or hot chocolate to drink.

Potatoes and corn cobs can add variety to your camping food. Being easy to carry, cook and eat, they should be the right choice.