Camping Can Take You To Any Corner Of The Globe

camping outdoorCamping can mean many different things, from a state of the art mobile home, or a camper van decked out for intrepid adventures or even the lowly camping tent.

Although the latter too, is much more lightweight and more practical, than it ever used to be.

It all started in the early 1900s when tourists started to holiday in tents, derived from the Latin word campus, it quite literally means field.

These days it can be anything from pitching a tent in your own backyard to going much further a field and enjoying quite luxurious surroundings.

Camping can take you all over the globe from the icy South Pole to the rainforests of Africa. There is an almost worldwide network of camping grounds, some quite basic and others with every facility imaginable.

Many Summer resorts offer accommodation in a static holiday home which offers the cheapness of a camping holiday with the advantage of having many amenities including the ever popular children’s camp mentoring.

There are still plenty of unspoilt parts of the world where camping can be an escape from mankind if that is what you prefer.

Man and nature as one and not another human voice for miles, although makes sure to plan very carefully, being miles from anything can have its down sides especially if there is something you have forgotten to pack.

For most people good basic facilities are vital for making the transition from modern living to a vacation in the great outdoors. Make the most of the endless camping equipment now designed for campers and enjoy a bit of luxury under your tent too.