Camping Can Be Fun But It Can Also Be A Safety Challenge You Should Be Aware Of

It’s joyous! It’s blissful! It’s summer! The warmth of the summer is here and the great outdoors is calling your name!

As you plan your outdoor adventures, fun and as exciting as it may be, you need to be sure you have covered all your bases. From the time you pack up the car to the time you leave the camp; you will want to make sure that you have taken everything into account.

Make it worth remembering. Though it may be fun to reminisce later about the soggy pancakes you cooked in the downpour, it’s not a fun experience remembering the poison ivy you had to suffer through.

Whether you prefer a campground with all available amenities or you prefer to be more adventurous and independent, abiding by a few simple tips will make the overall trip more enjoyable.

Know the Terrain – Where will you be staying? What natural concerns should you consider? Investigate insects, water conditions, rainy, cool nights etc.

Travel – Make sure you have the fuel you need to get there, emergency cash, and a reliable/current map.

First Aid – If you’re going to be out in the wilderness, the skills of survival are an incredible bonus. Heaven forbid you find yourself needing these skills, but knowing them could save a life.

Natural Predators/Threats – Knowing what creatures live where you’ll be camping and knowing how to refrain from unnecessary confrontation is a great skill to have, whether you have to consider bears, mountain lions, snakes, or even raccoons. Each animal type possesses its own threat. Even if they don’t bother you personally, they are going to be interested in your food.

Tell People – Let loved ones know where you’re going is letting them know where to send help if you are missing.

Fire Safety – Some parks have very specific rules and laws regarding fires. Nature is a gift. Knowing how to care for it when you leave is only a good practice.

Gear – What do you need to take? A good sleeping bag is a terrific bonus. Nights, even in July, can be cold and a good quality tent will keep you stay dry. The gear you require will depend on your sought adventure so be practical when choosing it.

Human Protection – Not just for movies. Not all people who like to campout will be safe so guard your belongings as need be.

From start to finish, your camping trip can be a terrific adventure and relaxing getaway, yet it’s up to you to make it a good and safe time. Have fun and above all, be safe.