Camping at the Big Basin Redwoods State Park

California is best identified as the land of fruits, nuts and Redwoods. The redwoods of California are distributed across the states in various locations with each one being designated as a separate State park. One such park is the Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this is the first State park to be designated with the title in 1902. Nestled in the balmy California coast, the Big Basin is open throughout the year for camping, picnicking and hiking.

Camping at the Big Basin Redwoods State Park


How to Camp at Big Basin

The park is well chalked out and made camper friendly in all aspects. Whether you plan to camp for a single night or a few days, the park accommodates all. You have various options – from pitching your own tents to hiring one, tent cabins, deluxe cabins and total camping packages.

Big Basin Tent Cabins

The tent cabins have a raised platform that is enclosed completely with lockable doors. They have basic amenities such as mattress pads, wood stove and a table. Outside is space for pitching a regular tent too.

Big Basin Deluxe Cabins

The deluxe cabins are well-furnished units just like a hotel, with beds, heaters and all. So if you are planning to experience Big Basin in luxury then this is the right choice.

Total Camping Packages

The package includes all camping gear in addition to the accommodation that you choose to hire. From sleeping bags to pot and pans, you will be given wooden logs and even ice cubes with coolers to go along. So even if you come here with nothing, you can still camp around comfortably.

What to do While Camping at Big Basin

Camping at Big Basin is a lot of fun. As you enter the park, you will have a tourist kiosk where you can collect all the trail maps along with the entry passes. Go through them carefully because some of the trails are long distance hikes. The Park covers about 80 miles of hiking paths and intersects some of the world famous trail loops. Apart from hiking, you could also enjoy a trip to the number of waterfalls that are present within the park. Bird watching and animal sightseeing are some of the other activities to indulge in while you are in Big Basin State Park.