Beware Of Getting Lost On Your Camping Adventure

Anyone who ever tried hiking or any outdoor activities knows the feeling. There is nothing more confusing and panic to discover you are lost. Many professionals advice first and most important in this situation is to not to panic.

Think and pay attention about the time you have been walking. This is useful, because this way you would be able to track your mileage. Always notice the radical changes in your terrain or trail.

It usually means that you took the wrong trail or you are going off-trail. Try to reconstruct your trail and stop walking. Always take a compass with yourself so to find the direction you are on.

map and compassTry to remember the last precise location or something significant on your route.

Knowing the time you have been walking, you can easily orientate and find your direction on the map, as you compare the landmark you have seen.

In case you still can’t find your location on the map, look at it and find a river or a forest. It is always a good point, because if you intersect them, you will know your location.

Follow the river and it will always take you to a place that is shown on the map. Don’t panic and don’t turn back in case you can’t remember the terrain and the exact trail. Simply compare the map and use your compass.