Best games to learn and play around the campfire

When night falls and it’s just you and your pals around the fire there’s a lot more that you could do other than just toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. If you’re looking for some great and memorable fun with your buds you should play some of these great games. You’ll laugh; you’ll scream; and you’ll never forget it:

Would you rather…

Everyone knows this game but no one plays often enough. In this game you get a deeper look at the mysterious and disturbing psyches of your family and friends. You can find out just how crazy their imagination can get and find out their worst fears. ‘Would you rather is a really simple game. Someone starts the game by picking a random person in the room and asking them a ‘would you rather’ question (e.g. would you rather lose a leg or lose an arm) and the person answers, more often than not giving some kind of explanation as to the logic behind their answer. This person then comes up with another ‘would you rather’ question and asks it to someone else in the group. The questions can get as weird as you want them and you can watch your friends squirm when they can’t decide on an answer.

poker game


Poker is common game to play around the campfire, but it can also be really fun if you’re with the right people. You can gamble with whatever you have at hand and let your competitive side come forth. If you perfect your poker face beforehand you could always rick your friends with your bluffs and surprise them with your skills, or you could test how well you know them by trying to call their bluffs.


Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? It doesn’t have to be the same kind of game you played at your grandma’s at Christmas. No holds barred this time. You can make the names they have to act out as ridiculous and impossible as you can and watch everyone make a fool of themselves around the campfire. You can either play in teams, with one person acting out the name and the other team members trying to guess it, or you could play it as a group. Write the names on pieces of paper and with each turn one person draws a piece of paper and, without looking at it, puts it on their forehead with the writing facing the other people. Now, the whole group has to act it out and the one person has to guess. This way of playing the game can cause a lot of chaos, so be prepared for rules to be broken and lots of fun to be had.

Wink Murder

This is a game that’s great for both the grownups and the kids if you have the numbers. You need at least five people to play, although the more people you have the longer the game will last and the more interesting it can get. In your group, one person, who will not be participating in the game, is the designated moderator. While the rest of their group sit down with their eyes closed, the moderator will approach one person in the group and tap them on the shoulder. The person they tapped is now ‘the murderer’. The object of the game is for the murderer to try and kill everyone in the group while everyone else tries to catch the murderer. The murderer can kill anyone in the group at any time by winking at them and the person that has been murdered has to collapse to the floor in the most dramatic way possible. They are then ‘dead’ and are out of the game, so cannot share any information with the other players. The last person left alive is the winner.