Be Aware of Hunters While Camping

Campers and hikers have to take special care when they’re out in the wilderness during hunting season. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and the results can sometimes be tragic. When hunting season begins in some areas there can often be quite a few people in the woods. Many of them will be armed with hunting bows and/or rifles.

Because of this, it’s essential that you know exactly where you’re going and if you’re in any hunting areas. In fact, hunters have been known to shoot for their dinners just about anywhere, especially if they’re on their own private property.

Be Aware of Hunters(photo credit: mrfishersclass)

It’s a good idea to wear a bright orange vest or blazer when out in the woods during hunting season. It’s easier to be seen between the trees if you’re wearing this bright color and hunters will be aware of you. Many states in America require that hunters have to wear a specific amount of orange clothing when they’re out in hunting season so other hunters don’t mistake them for a game animal.

Most people wear a bright orange vest over the top of their regular clothing. However, if you’d rather be on the safe side you can also wear other articles of orange clothing. These include jackets and hats. You can usually buy these items online as well as at most hunting supply shops.

Of course, it won’t really do you much good if you don’t know when hunting season is in the area you plan to be camping or hiking in. It’s a good idea to check with state agencies exactly when hunting season is before you head out on your trip.

The state department of natural resources and similar agencies usually regulate hunting and will be able to inform you when and where the various hunting seasons are throughout the year. There are different seasons depending on the type of game being hunted, such as deer, bear, fowl, elk, etc. in addition, there may also be different types of hunting weapons used for different animals.

If you do decide to head out in the wilderness during hunting season make sure you take into account that there may be hunters in the area. You should drive carefully and at a safe speed when travelling on backcountry roads and trails.

If you happen to be sharing a campground with hunters it would be a good idea to talk with them to find out exactly where they’ll be hunting. This will be beneficial to you both as you’ll know which areas to stay away from and the hunters will appreciate the fact that you won’t be in the area scaring away the animals.

The safest way to enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor activities is to stay in established campgrounds and hiking trails where other people will be. These areas will be off limits to hunters. If for some reason you find yourself wandering through private woods make sure you stay visible and wear your orange vest.

You have to also remember than when hunting seasons open there are usually quite a few hunters ready to take advantage of it and things can get quite busy. It might be a good idea to stay away from the woods during these times and just stick to other areas.