Are Wolves Dangerous for Spring Campers?

Coyotes and large grey wolves are normally shy of humans and will not attack or behave aggressively when they meet some on the forest paths, but with the increasing population of wolves, sightings and human encounters are now becoming more common. Along with them rises the fear that they might prove to be dangerous for humans.

wolves in camping

Experts have varying opinions on this issue. Some say wolves don’t harm humans unless provoked and some say wolves may stalk and even hunt humans when the need arises.

Experts like Derrick Knowles comment that the chances of being attacked by dogs when camping or hiking are higher than the chances of being attacked by wolves. On the other hand expert Jack Field feels that the wolves were extirpated because they were a danger for the humans.

wolves in campEither way it pays to be alert when out camping in spring especially as one can meet mother wolves with cubs roaming in the wilderness.

If a person feels that there is a chance that they may encounter a wolf it would be safe to carry pepper spray and use it if the wolf is aggressive and refuses to retreat.

An aggressive wolf will have its tail raised and will growl or yelp. In such a situation it is better to stand straight and slowly move back all the time looking at the wolf but never in the eye. If the wolf does not retreat you may throw stones or sticks at it as you retreat.

A wolf is more likely to attack a pet rather than a human child, so when camping, leash your pet and keep it inside the tent during night time. Remember to pack the food and keep it inside the tent or inside the car to avoid tempting wolves to stop by for a possible treat.