A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Camping in Europe

Europe has more camping grounds closer to civilization than any other country.Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your camping trip to Europe.

Camping in Europe

Finding campsites

There are number of websites that give an exhaustive list of authorized campsites in the country, the facilities and best time to visit. You could even make bookings online and plan your trip well in advance.


In Europe, the pricing for campers is done on per person, per tent and per vehicle basis. Prices are based on each entity and not double occupancy etc. So be prepared to get these calculations right and not be taken by surprise.


Unlike in the USA, not all campsites in Europe allow tents. Some of them are exclusively RV campgrounds. So it would be wise to do through research before you check into any campsite. This applies more to people going on a camping tour with children.


Almost all campsites in Europe are equipped with attached restaurants. This is a blessing especially in places where rains are a common feature throughout the year. This is also a great thing for the hitchhiker and the backpacker, as they need not worry about stocking on food. For those who prefer to cook, be warned that you will not find picnic tables in this part of the world. In this case you need to equip yourself with a light weight tarp.


As most campsites in Europe are close to cities, internet and Wi-Fi connectivity is not usually an issue. You would be wise to keep a Europlug handy so that you can charge your e-ware in any RV or public restrooms.


European campgrounds have facilities where you can hand wash your garments. But be sure to find out if they allow clotheslines or not. Also be warned that the prices at Laundromats in Europe are pretty steep. It makes sense to be well prepared for this.


Almost all of Europe has campgrounds that have other sorts of accommodation available for those who do not opt for RVs or tents. Cabins to dorms, trailers to tent hostels, anything is possible here. So just check what ‘other’ options are available to you before you pitch a tent.

Camping tours

This is the most astonishing of all things about camping in Europe. The continent has something called group camping tours. Choose from the crop of tour companies that operate all over the place and you could be a happy group camper. The fine print however says that to qualify for a camping tour you need to be between 18 to 35 years of age.

So grab your backpack and hit the road and be ready to camp the European way with these simple tips to camping in Europe.