6 Awesome Places for Solo Female Campers

Camping is usually done with friends, but there are times when you want to head to someplace without any human presence next to you in the car. Those moments may not necessarily be triggered by despair, but a want to experience the world all by oneself. Hence, solo campers are often termed weird, but they are as cool as those who camp in groups.

Females often find themselves in a web of puzzlement and worries when they express their desire to travel solo—and when they say they wish to camp somewhere all alone, people start panicking quite instantly. So many issues pop up: safety, security, unwarranted fears about depression and whatnot. But, there is no gainsaying that solo travel is one of the best adventures out there, and women are equally entitled to experience it.

While there are many places where female campers can go to, we have shortlisted a few of them which, we consider, are best for female solo travelers. Here everything is picture perfect and adventurous, and all you need to do is pack up and head out.

6 Awesome Places for Solo Female Campers

So, without further ado, here are 6 awesome places for solo female campers:

1. Yubeng, China

Yubeng is an isolated village situated in the Chinese Himalayas which one can only reach by foot or on a mule. While hiking to the village, you will come across brilliantly colored festoons with cultural markings and symbols, and animals roaming around freely.

If you are a culture-enthusiast, you will find yourself visiting wonderfully crafted stupas, which are essentially mound-like structures which house relics and are used as a place for meditation.

Here at Yuben, peace is normal. Your mind will not be perturbed by usual noisiness and frustrating modern lifestyle. The place is good for solo female campers since people are friendly and very generous to outsiders.

2. El Chalten, Argentina

If you want yourself to be tickled by nature’s bliss, then you got to go El Chalten in Argentina. Much of the region is isolated from the humdrum of city life, but the place is popular among people for being the trekking capital of Argentina.

Despite being remote, adequate housing facilities are available for travelers and safety issues are minimal. Because of the comfort, the place has to offer, it attracts many solo campers from all over the world. Just head to this place and you will know you could not have been happier.

3. Yllas, Finland

Finland is a country with many natural marvels, and those willing to travel solo to this place should not bear a second thought about it. While the country has many places to offer to solo female campers and travelers, Yllas is exceptionally good.

The place is cold, no doubt about that; but it is the warmth of locals and natural wonders reflected in its sunset and sunrise that makes your camping a success. Camping will be a whole new experience, but you will not feel too uncomfortable.

Just head to Yllas, all right, and you might happen to witness the Northern Lights.

4. Bayfield, Wisconsin

Not many would have heard of Bayfield, but it is one place that has received underrated reception—which it does not deserve.

The place features some of the best caves you will ever visit. Nothing could compare the feeling you would get while kayaking through these magnificent creations. If you do not like the idea, then you can hop on a boat and sail through Lake Superior.

The place is safe, well-connected, and sufficiently developed to prevent any discomfort to visitors; so traveling solo, especially for females, would not be much of an issue.

5. Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei is a barren desert, and now, you might be wondering how come one can enjoy anything like that all by oneself. Well, you can because this barren desert has everything you would not call barren.

Namibia offers a warm and dry climate with an incredibly beautiful sky. You climb up the sand dunes during sunrise and witness the miracle yourself. What is great about this place is that it has adequate housing facilities for travelers where you can get to know other people and even make friends.

Dump all your worries and head to this superb place!

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is not just the capital city of one of the most powerful nations of the world—It is a place where artists blossom.Every street you pass through has been touched by the hands of some artist and every piece of art is inspirational. If you are a solo camper, you should not miss out on a place like this which has exactly what you need: peace, creativity, and inspiration!

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