4 Tips For Planning A One Day Camping Trip

week campingSome people love to spend a week camping; others find that a one-day camping trip is just enough for them.

A one day camping trip can be a lot of fun, especially for the family that does not have several days to spend in the woods.

Here are some tips for planning a fun filled, one-day camping trip.

1. Pack Only the Essentials

There is no point in packing for a week long trip if it will only last for one day.  Pack a couple of changing clothes (for any accidents), food that can be used for all three meals, the necessary camping essentials, and leave it at that.

There is no point in packing half the house, unless it’s a matter of wanting to lug all that stuff back inside after returning home.

Keep the cooking to a minimum, unless this is fun for everyone. Sandwiches or meals cooked in aluminum foil are fast and require little time to clean up. This will leave more time for enjoying the great outdoors.

2. Choose a Close Location

If time is limited, choose somewhere close to camp. There is no point traveling several hours away if there is a suitable camping area close by. This will also allow the camping trip to last a little longer as well.

If fishing is planned, camp close to the favored fishing spot. If hiking is more the family’s style, try to map out the route to avoid any time spent looking for the trail again. [Hiking trails]

But remember, it’s not what activities that are done on the camping trip that make it special; it’s the time spent together.

3. Keep It Simple

If time is a factor, don’t plan a laundry list of activities to see and do. If there is a special tradition usually done while camping, concentrate on that activity.

This could be playing cards, fishing, telling stories, or even just throwing a football around. The children will remember the fun they had with their parents or friends, not all the places they were forced to go quickly visit.

4. Leave the Electronic Devices at Home

In today’s electronic and internet based world, it may seem like the worst possible thing to leave all of the cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, and other gadgets and devices at home.

However, it’s only for one day and the children can have their parents’ complete attention. While inaccessibility can be a horrifying experience for some kids, especially teenagers, it really won’t cause any permanent harm!

A Few Final Thoughts
A one day camping trip is a great way to escape and put the regular world off for a just a little bit. It can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and a great deal of fun.

Make sure to include the children on this short trip, as most will enjoy spending time with the family. [FamilyCamping]

Keep packing to a minimum and plan an activity that all enjoy. Keeping travel to minimum as well will allow for the most time at the campsite. Enjoy!