10 Tips While Camping And Hiking To Make Your Trip Safer And More Enjoyable

hikingYou may go camping every other weekend or you may just be planning your first-ever camping trip.

Or, you have been camping before but never been in charge of the troops and this time you will be.

You know there are numerous things to remember, keep in mind, and write down yet you aren’t quite sure what those are and want to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

We have compiled 10 tips to make your camping and hiking trip safer and more enjoyable for your family and you. [hiking safety]

  1. If you are going hiking make sure to study a guide of the area and terrain before you go. Also estimate the amount of time it will take to get from point A to point B then pad those times in case of delays.
  2. Will you need any permits or reservations? Research this ahead of time and find out. If so, take care of this in advance to avoid hang ups the days of your vacation.
  3. Always be prepared for the worst possible weather. Be prepared mentally as well as in regards to your supplies.
  4. Remember how easy it is to sweat when you are setting up a tent, climbing a hill, etc. So pack appropriately for layers that allow you to change with the weather conditions.
  5. Wear polypropylene, wool and other breathable materials. Wearing these sorts of materials will allow for decreased moisture and your clothes will dry more quickly.
  6. Always pack your rain gear. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the desert; always pack your rain gear.
  7. Become familiar with all your gear before you head out for your trip.
  8. Seam seal your camping tents before heading out. Don’t put this off until you are at the camp site.
  9. Become familiar with the stove (if applicable) to avoid being ‘caught in the rain’ while trying to figure it out.
  10. Your camping gear should not weigh more than 25% or your total body weight.

If you keep these guidelines in mind when preparing for your camping and hiking trip you will be guaranteed to have a much less stressful trip than if you push these recommendations to the side. Do everything from the comfort of your own home before hitting the road too.