10 Cooking Tips For The Camping Trip

camping cooking1. Before you even leave for your trip plan your meals and menu for the entire time.

Then measure any and all ingredients for each meal and put them in separate Ziploc bags. Then label each Ziploc bag.

2. Having chili one night? Make any and all soups, chili and stews ahead of time then freeze them. Keep them in your cooler and reheat them when its time for dinner at the camp site.

3. Make sure to pack some heavy-duty aluminum foil.

4. Keep any gas canisters held upright at all times. Also keep gas canisters in very well ventilated areas. Check gas canisters for leaks. You can check for leaks by putting liquid soap on all the connections. Also remember to always turn off your gas canister when it is not in use.

5. Freeze meat thoroughly before putting in the cooler.

6. Keep pots covered when cooking outdoors.

7. Block ice lasts longer than cubed ice.

8. All items in your cooler should be in watertight containers.

9. Put vegetable oil on the grill at the camp site. This will help alleviate the food sticking to the grill.

10. Pita bread keeps better than regular bread.