Yosemite – The Wild Paths To Be Taken For Adventure

The Yosemite National Park has always been a place of beautiful nature, stunning views and an adrenalin offer for anyone, who loves outdoor activities.

The trip is exactly 8 days with stops, including section of John Muir Trail, Half Dome ascent, a tour of Yosemite Valley and a hiking 60-mile route to the heart of the National Park.

Yosemite valleyThis amazing trip isn’t for anyone, because it is a difficult terrain, but still offers one of the best American trails ever.

The trip in the Yosemite National Park was called “one of the best trips for 2009” by the National Geographic Adventure magazine.

Yosemite National ParkThe trip starts from the Ansel Adam’s Wilderness area and follow the remote sections of the Park. One of the stops is the famous Yosemite High Camps, just before climbing the Half Dome.

Yosemite National Park  01The trail through Cathedral Lakes into Tuolumne is one of the most adventurous parts of your trip.