Wonderful Camping Spots In Europe

Europe camping is not a rustic and isolated experience that many people imagine. You can find many campgrounds located near cities in Europe and these grounds are seldom full except those directly on popular beaches in the middle of summer.

European campgrounds can range from functional to a vacation extravaganza, with discos, restaurants and mini water parks. Most campgrounds provide hot water, place to wash dishes, electricity and a central bar. You can also find tennis courts, restaurants, swimming pools and playing fields in some campgrounds.

There are many amazing places to camp in Europe. Some of the campgrounds are: Les Castels campgrounds in France; L’Orée du Bois in northern France; Val de Cantobre site in Burgundy, France; and on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany.

1. Les Castels, France:

2. L’Orée du Bois, Northern France:

3. Val de Cantobre site, Burgundy, France:

4. Rhine River, Germany:

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