Why Belize Is a Backpacker’s Paradise

When people think of backpacking abroad, they often think of purchasing a flight to Europe with one of their low interest rate credit cards and spending a month traveling around the old country.

However, there are several less expensive places to visit when desiring a backpacking excursion, and Belize is by far one of the best. A few reasons why Belize is a backpacking paradise include:

Belize(photo credit: Willamor Media)

The Language

One of the main deterrents for backpacking abroad is often the language barriers. In Europe, you can encounter several different languages within the span of a week, and may not know any. In Belize, English is spoken nearly everywhere making travel easy.

The People

The people of Belize are incredibly friendly and often helpful.

For the backpacker, having friendly locals can make getting to and fro much easier, and can give you a richer cultural experience as you are more likely to find hole-in-the-wall places you would have otherwise missed.

The Currency

When traveling abroad most people are concerned with having to watch for foreign transaction fees or finding the best credit card interest rates so they are not overpaying in the end.

However, when traveling to Belize, US currency is just as widely accepted as the Belizean dollar. You don’t have to worry about switching money over, and most ATMs will provide you with cash at no extra expense which will help you save money while traveling.

The Transportation

In addition to the people, the ease of transportation is by far what makes backpacking around Belize easy. For a couple of dollars you can get from one side of the country to the other, and you get to see a lot of extra countryside and culture. If you are looking for more expedited travel you can also take an affordable express bus, or a taxi cab at a slightly higher fare.

The Price

Most places in Belize are used to backpackers, and offer affordable rooms and meals to accommodate those traveling with limited budgets. It is fairly easy for a person to get a room for around $30 without even having to worry about booking in advance, and airfare from the States is also less expensive than it would be to Europe.

So if you are looking for a great place to backpack through, consider Belize. There are plenty of activities to do, ruins to spot, and flora and fauna to come across – not to mention, hundreds of miles of beaches. The atmosphere is laid back, the people are friendly, and the price is right, so grab a backpack and head south of the border instead of across the pond.