Washington’s Penrose Point State Park: An Unforgettable Experience

Puget Sound is one of the most beautiful locations in North America. And if you would like to narrow things down even more, then Penrose Point State Park has to rank as one of the region’s most gorgeous destinations for day trips, boating, and camping.

The park is located in the rural community of Lakebay, Washington, which sits on Key Peninsula. It’s not a huge area as it’s just over 150 acres in size and is known as a camping and marine park. There are more than 2 miles of saltwater coastline and forested trails of about 2.5 miles.

Penrose Point State Park(Photo credit: nancydregan)

The main area of the park is lush grassland that’s surrounded on three sides by forested areas and a beach. If you stand on the shore on a clear day you shouldn’t have any problem spotting Mount Rainier as it stretches to reach the sky. It’s quite a rugged site and one of the most popular with local photographers.

The most popular trail in the park is a self-guided one called A Touch of Nature, which was built in 1982 by Eagle Scouts and then renovated a decade later. The trail sits in the park’s day-use area and is filled with several species of trees including cedars, firs, maples, and hemlocks. You will also find some native plants, such salal and as huckleberry, ferns, and Oregon grape as well as many wildflowers.

There’s also a scenic trail which runs parallel with the coastline and another which takes hikers to a scenic beach and a cove. Certain trails allow biking as well as hiking.

The campground in Penrose Park has a total of 83 campsites along with a sheltered group camp. Most of the sites come with a picnic table and some of them have electricity, sewage facilities, and water. The sites that don’t offer any utilities are located close to water taps though. In addition, there are also some primitive campsites available for the more adventurous. You’ll also find four locations that have restrooms and showers.

For boaters, there’s a moorage area of 270 feet as well as a 158-foot dock. You can moor you boat at the pier overnight or at one of the eight moorage buoys that are available. There’s a picnic area located close to the dock which features benches, a fire pit, and barbecues. There are also restrooms close by.

Popular water-related activities in the park are oyster and clam harvesting when the season is open. But if the season’s closed, don’t worry as you can enjoy water skiing, boating, fishing, and swimming. Just be aware that there aren’t any lifeguard services provided by the park. When the tide’s out you can search for crabs, star fish, and a variety of other shellfish.

The grassy area of the park is ideal for games such as badminton and volleyball and provides visitors with barbecues and picnic tables. There’s also a fire pit located close to the beach. You’ll never be alone at Penrose Point State Park as there are plenty of birds and wildlife that share the land. Bird watching is common since you will often come across hawks, eagles, great blue heron, geese and ducks.

Larger animals also live there, but they usually keep to themselves and aren’t spotted so often. These include bears, foxes, possums, raccoons, and deer. However, the smaller animals are always visible, such as rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. Penrose Point State Park is an ideal place to visit for just a day trip as well as an extended camping adventure. There’s plenty to see and do there and it’s likely a spot that you’ll never forget.