Washington’s Mount Rainier Offers Some Of The West Coast’s Top Campgrounds

Some of the best campgrounds in North America can be found in the western state of Washington and there are quite a few options to choose from. One of the top spots to pitch a tent or take a trailer is to Mount Rainier.

mount rainier

This popular national park attracts campers from all over the world each year as there are plenty of things to do and see for adults as well as children. Two of the most popular campgrounds are Cougar rock and Ohanapecosh, as they offer online reservations.

Ohanapecosh is open from late in May to early October and is located in the southeast section of the park. It’s situated in the center of an old growth forest which has a beautiful roaring river below it.

Ohanapecosh is known as a place for spiritual communing for adults and it has one huge playground for the kids. There’s plenty of room for mountain biking, hiking, and exploring as well as kayaking and canoeing in the river.

Cougar Rock is also open from late in May to early October and is located in the southwest area of the park. This ground is larger than Ohanapecosh, but just as beautiful.

It features an amphitheater where park rangers teach people about nature and how to stay safe in the park. For hikers, the site has a steep and fascinating trek that starts at the camp and goes to Comet Falls.