Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park Offers Unique Waterway Camping

One of the most attractive national parks in the American state of Minnesota is Voyageurs, which is located near International Falls. It’s an ideal place to explore by motorboat, houseboat, kayak, and canoe with some excellent waterside camping and hiking.

The park is actually water based, meaning your car’s not going to do you much good once you arrive there. Voyageurs is filled with interconnected waterways which enable you to explore the lushly- forested lake country.

Voyageurs National ParkThe park is home to a wide variety of interesting wildlife including bald eagles, wolves, white-tailed deer and black bears.

Camping is free at individual campsites inside Voyageurs National Park, but you will need to obtain a permit. One of the unique things about camping in the park is that you can only reach the sites by boat.

The campsites are given on a first-come first-served basis and there are also two group campsites available for a fee.

The park was established back in 1975, but the history of the area goes back thousands of years. Glaciers used to occupy the region and traders often used the waterways when they were headed north to Canada.

The scenery is among the best in North America and the area truly allows you to transport yourself back in time as not much has changed in the landscape over the centuries.

Having a love for the water will definitely give you an added thrill as you explore the beautiful forests by the waterways available inside the park.

The climate at the park is cool and continental. This means it enjoys short but warm summers which are then followed by long and cold winters.

The average temperature in the summer is about 60 to 80 degrees F with the temperatures in the winter dropping to well below 0 degrees to about plus 20 degrees F.