Unknown Special Campground Is A Must-See

Bankhead National ForestChances are you have not heard of one of the best and most historic yet most unknown camp sites in the continental United States; Looney’s Tavern in Corinth camp ground in the Bankhead National Forest just off of the shore of Lake Lewis Smith in Alabama.

The beauty of this national park is that you can walk with glimpses of the beautiful water on one side while passing the national park’s hardwood forest on the other.

Bankhead National Forest also offers beautiful hiking trails and is very historic. Some of the history offered to campers in the national forest is that it is a piece of the Civil War.

Looney’s Tavern in Bankhead National Forest was frequented by ‘Jacksonian Democrats’. The Jacksonian Democrats didn’t have any loyalty for the Confederates and so the Looney’s Tavern was the central meeting place for discussions during the Civil War.

The Confederates constantly raided the Free State of Winston in Bankhead for supplies during the time period of the Civil War. What a better way to add history of a time-altering era to a regular everyday camping trip in the hardwood forest?