9 Unique Camping Opportunities

It’s always a good idea to try something new in life and that goes for camping too. If you’d like to take a break from sleeping outdoors and under the stars you may be interested in spending a night in one of America’s most popular zoos or museum, etc. These are some of the most unique camping choices in the country.

1. Lehi, Utah, USA – The Museum of Ancient Life

Unique Camping Opportunities(photo by tirrell)

The museum of Ancient Life is the biggest dinosaur museum in the world and it features monthly sleepovers for children and adults that have a paleontology-theme. They have the cute name of Dinosnorzz sleepovers and are filled with exciting attractions and events. These include 3-D films, paleo classes, fossil hunting adventures, and scavenger hunts. Campers can then sleep over with the museum’s wide array of dinosaurs.

2. New York City, USA – Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Believe it or not, when in New York you can visit the famous Ripley’s museum in Times Square, which is known as the Odditorium. Sleepovers are offered for families who’d like to earn a certificate for surviving the night among some of the world’s oddest attractions. These bizarre-themed campouts are also offered at several other Ripley’s Museums including Gatlinburg, Tenn.; Williamsburg, VA, and Grand Prairie, Texas.

3. San Francisco, California, USA – California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences(photo by glennfrancosimmons)

The California Academy of Sciences’ has a new aquarium, natural history museum, and planetarium in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Children older than six years can camp out for the night as long as they have a chaperone. They’ll be treated to a planetarium show and will be able to visit various exhibits after hours. These include live penguins, an albino alligator, and a multi-storey rain forest. Campers then sleep out in the aquarium area or the African Hall.

4. Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA – The Minnesota Zoo

Unique Camping Opportunities(photo by jvstin)

The Minnesota Zoo welcomes after-hours guests who are older than five and have a chaperone up to the age of 16. They will be taken on tours of the zoo and will be given an educational lesson on grizzly bears, such as what they eat, where they live and how they hunt their food. There is also a similar sleepover that features dolphins.

5. San Diego, California, USA – The San Diego Zoo

Unique Camping Opportunities(photo by xt0ph3r)

If you visit the Wild Animal Park at the San Diego Zoo you’ll be able to camp out in tents that overlook an exhibit that features rhinos, giraffes, and antelopes and more. Before hitting the hay visitors will be taken on a safari tour where they can explore the zoo and get close-up looks at some of the animals. There are also campfire programs and animal-themed arts and craft projects.

6. Petersburg, Virginia, USA – Pamplin Historical Park

Pamplin Historical Park(photo by kroo2u)

Pamplin Historical Park features a Civil War rally camp where participants join either the Confederate or Union army and re-enact aspects of the war while wearing full uniforms. They enjoy adventures such as military drills, Civil War meals, and overnight sleepovers in Civil War barracks or huts.

7. Atlanta Georgia, USA – Georgia Aquarium

Unique Camping Opportunities(photo by matthewpaulson)

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the world and offers campouts for families. You’ll be able to watch 3-D films, take behind-the-scenes tours, and enjoy some educational programs. You can then sleep over beside glass tanks that are filled with a variety of sharks or in the underwater tunnel.

8. Baltimore, Maryland, USA – The USS Constellation

The USS Constellation(photo by wallyg)

If you’d like to campout on one of America’s most historic naval vessels you can head to Baltimore to check out the USS Constellation in the city’s inner harbor. Visitors will learn what life’s like on a warship and can enjoy a good night’s sleep on a hammock if they choose. There are several other ships that offer sleepovers and you can also camp out on the USS Torsk submarine.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Unique Camping Opportunities(photo by oskay)

This popular museumoffers late-night expeditions where you can enjoy crafts, a scavenger hunt, and a variety of games. You’ll also be taken on a tour where you can view art, stone coffins, mummies, and artifacts and sculptures from around the world. Visitors can then camp lout in the Lower Egyptian Gallery, which is the home to the world’s third-biggest granite Sphinx.