The Top Dog Friendly Campsites in the US

Camping is one of the most favorite pastimes for Americans and is as loved by them as baseball, apple pie and well a family dog. Most Americans love bringing their dog with them on their camping trip but not all camping sites in the US allow dogs or are dog friendly.

Dog friendly camping sites are those which allow even the pet to have fun, relax, experience the calm and play. If you are someone who just cannot go without his/her dog to the next camping trip in US, then the following given list of the top dog friendly campsites in the US would be of a lot of use to you:

dog friendly campsites in the USRocky Mountain National Park

This is the top dog friendly campsite in the US and allows dogs that are on a leash and are not more than 6 feet in size. The dogs are allowed in the campgrounds and also the picnic areas and has many things that the pet will enjoy.

Everglades National Park

This is another superb campsite for you and your pooch to enjoy together. Your dog must be on a leash and shouldnt be more than 6 feet in size to be allowed here. Both you and your pet can enjoy this picturesque site with the endless wilderness and the stunning flora and fauna.

Acadia National Park

This is a beautiful campsite for not just you but also your family dog who must be on a leash and not more than 6 feet in height. The dog will be allowed on all areas except for the Sand beach, Isle au Haut campground and Echo Lake Beach. There is a lot for you and your Fido to do and see on this lovely campsite.

Glacier National Park

This campsite toois extremely dog friendly and allows all dogs on a leash. Your dog will have a great time enjoying the beauty of the alpine meadows, the rugged mountains and the spectacular lakes. There are about 700 miles of trail which your dog will just not be able to get enough of.

Olympic National Park

Dogs on a leash and not more than 6 feet are allowed on this magnificent campsite in the US. The site allows dogs on the campground, the picnic areas, the parking lot, certain trails and ocean beaches as well.

Virginia Beach:First Landing State Park

There are more than 200 campsites in this area and many of them allow dogs for about $5 per night. This particular park spreads over 2500 acres. There are a large number of activities in this area for you and your pooch to enjoy including swimming, biking, boating, hiking, fishing and picnic.

Smoky Mountains National Park

Dogs on a leash and not more than 6 feet are allowed in this campsite and in the areas including picnic areas, campgrounds, roads etc. The dog and the owner can both enjoy the ridge areas, plant and animal life and ancient mountains.


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