The Main Camping Locations Of Italy

adriatic coastOnce you have spent a few camping vacations at home in America, you might feel like venturing to other parts of the world.

There are many parts of Europe that offer great facilities and interesting countryside for the keen camper and one of those is Italy.

For individuals who would like the perfect combination of sleeping under the stars at night and laying on a sunny beach during the day, then the Adriatic Coast could be your dream destination. [Beach Camping]

There are plenty of lively resorts to choose from including Lido de Jesolo. Venice Italy is a day trip away so be sure not to miss this vibrant historic city with its network of canals and interesting sights.

Possibly the most stunning part of Italy is the Italian Lakes situated in the north of the country and encircled by majestic mountains. This group of massive lakes and the surrounding countryside are perfect for camping and has always been very popular with families.

Each of the lakes has its own specific attraction, Lake Maggiore is a walkers paradise while Lake Garda has every imaginable water sport ever invented.

For those that love a slice of city life especially when in a different country, both Verona and chic Milan are near enough for a shopping trip or some sightseeing.

A big part of a vacation in Italy is the food, and even when out and about camping, you will get to taste local traditions and enjoy Italian specialties.

For the real foodie the vineyards of Tuscany will be hard to resist, most of this region remains virtually untouched and it is therefore a perfect place to find the very essence of Italy.