The Joys Of Florida Camping

palm beach countyThe Citrus Hills in Florida is the place to go for a taste of camping combined with the amenities of a hotel.

Luxury camping facilities come courtesy of a gym, a variety of games rooms and even an exercise course.

For dog lovers, no large canines are allowed at the Hills, and those on a tighter budget the rest of Florida has a lot to offer.

In fact it remains the favorite place to spend a vacation for the majority of US citizens. With its wonderful coastline including spotless beaches and plenty of attractions it is no great surprise.

Camping in Florida is particularly good for children and many campgrounds pride themselves on taking care of the younger members of the family.

Resorts such as, the West Jupiter in Palm Beach County has lots of great activities going on and the right level of amenities for a family break. [Family Camping]

Most campgrounds appreciate that they need to cater for all age groups and put on an array of different sports from tennis to fishing and indoor type fun like shuffle board. Basics like toilet and washing requirements are never forgotten, which can sometimes happen in certain places.

The list of attractions, in Florida, is well known around the world; the original and best Disneyland, the popular Universal Studio tour and of course, Seaworld.

For adults there are some very interesting gardens to visit and for scenery there is Tampa City and the Gulf of Mexico. A trip to the Kennedy Space Center should not be missed and all in all there is something for everyone here.