The Cheapest Camping Places In Europe And What You Should Know About Them

The leaders on the chart of the cheapest camping places for those on a budget when picking a vacation destination, are the European countries Poland and Greece and at the opposite end there is the fabulous but more expensive, France.

ADAC (The German Auto Club) has conducted a study on the comparison of over fifty tourist destinations able to accommodate and receive camping fans in Europe and with this occasion it has looked into the price options for five locations considered to be the cheapest options for camping.

The process included the testing of ten European countries known as viable and welcoming camping destinations.

In order to get the right comparisons the experts have purchased over 48 camping products, most campers use or buy while camping, from ice cream to sun tanning chairs renting.

The average amount spent was 323 euros and it pretty much included the necessary shopping a camper’s family of four needs when camping for a week.

The tested European countries have proven that Poland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey are the top 5 on the list for the European camping destinations recommended to those planning the camping trip on the budget. The countries where the average amount was exceeded were Croatia, Italy, Denmark and France.

The results have shown that France is the most expensive camping destination, here the amount raised to 402 euros while in Poland the campers would have to spend only 261 euros.

The tourist resort Ustka on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea is the cheapest location for camping while the French resort from Arcachon in the Biscaya bay is the most expensive camping place on the old European continent.

There are many places even in the low cost camping places in Europe where the camping accommodation in the camping spots cost as much as a night inside a three star hotel.

The most expensive camping site for the tourists who want to visit Italy is Sardinia with an average of 41 euros /night while in Elba Island the maximum paid amount for camping accommodation is 50 euros /night.

In the same time in Poland the maximum one has to pay is 21.9 euros / night and Hungary comes very close to 23 euros.

The camping operators have increased the prices with 5% in Austria and with 4% in Switzerland while in Germany the camping operators practice an average price of 24, 20 euros/ night.