South Side Destinations in US

In case you are wondering where to spend your weekend, here are some of the most famous camping destinations in the South. One of these is Balmorhea State Park in Texas. It is a really famous camping destination and you should visit in the early spring, when the views are simply breathtaking.

balmorhea state park

Another reason to enjoy Balmorhea is one of the largest spring-fed swimming pools in the world, where you can relax with your family. Scuba diving is also part of the sport activities in here, so consider this destination as very proper for a family weekend.

crab tree falls campground

Another good destination is the Crabtree Falls Campground in Virginia. The Crabtree Falls is an extremely beautiful waterfall and you can observe it through the campsites on the river Tye. The Blue Ridge Mountains are another challenge for those of you who enjoy hiking and walking in the nature.

fort de soto park

In case you want to spend your weekend camping on some beach, there is a perfect destination in Florida. The Fort De Soto in Florida is one of the most famous white sand beaches and it was called the beast beach in the U.S. for 2009. There you can enjoy the white sand, the crystal clear water and an amazing nature, far away from the crowds.