Oregon’s Bullards Beach State Park Ideal for Year-Round Camping

One of the most interesting places for a camping trip in the picturesque American state of Oregon is Bullards Beach State Park, which is a big park situated just north of the town of Bandon. It’s a family-oriented campground that’s situated in the middle of shore pines which protect you from the ocean breezes.

Bullards Beach State ParkThere are three sets of campsites, a horse camp, dunes and a beach and it’s ideal for year-round camping. The crabbing and fishing in the Coquille River are excellent and the ground features a boat launch for use in the fall and summer.

You’ll also find grassy fields, lowland forest, and sandy dunes. The Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge is situated across the river and it’s home to an interesting variety of wildlife. Where the beach ends, you’ll come across the Coquille River Lighthouse which is open between May and October.

There’s almost five miles of beach to hike along and the ocean has an open invitation for you to jump in it for swimming and water sports.  On the other side of the river lies the charming town of Bandon by the Sea, which has several galleries, restaurants, and shops.

The state park campground is ideal for tents and RVs and offers numerous outdoor activities. Showers, electricity, and a group picnic area and meeting hall are also available.