Ontario’s Bingemans Park Ideal for Glamping and Camping

Camping has always been one of Canada’s favorite outdoor adventures, but there is still about a quarter of the population that never sleeps under the stars due to a variety of reasons. But with the recent invention of glamping, which is basically a luxurious version of camping, this is starting to change. The travel trend of glamping is becoming quite popular from the east cost to the west and as far north as the Yukon.

There’s no need to worry about the elements and hauling camping equipment around with you when heading out for a glamping trip. This is because all of the comforts of home are there waiting for you, such as electrical lighting, modern furniture, and sometimes even gourmet meals. However, all of the luxuries are combined with a traditional camping trip.

One of the most popular glamping destinations in the country happens to be Bingemans Camping Resort, which is located on the outskirts of Kitchener, Ontario, about 60 miles west of Toronto. This family-friendly resort features top-class facilities for those who don’t like the traditional sleeping options of outdoor trips.

Bingemans offers camping yurts, which are tent-like structures that are constructed with wooden frames. The hut has a platform which raises it a few feet off the ground and comes with a locking door. However, there aren’t any steps to get onto the platform and there isn’t a ramp either, so you may have to help those with mobility problems and small children.

The yurts are waterproof and circular in shape. They’re also located in the park’s gated area which faces the areas’ famous Grand River, which flows through the park. The yurt comes with two big windows that are covered by clear plastic to enable you to see out while the cool night airs is kept at bay. There is also a fan to make sure you don’t get too hot during the daytime .You can cover these windows for privacy if you wish.

When bedtime comes calling, you’ll find two beds with all of the needed linens as well as a sitting area with chandelier lighting. The yurt also has a mini-fridge to make sure all of your drinks are cool and food is fresh. You may be lucky enough to catch your dinner in the river and barbecue the fresh fish a day or two later.

Glamping in a yurt means you don’t have to transport your gear, set up a tent, inflate an air mattress, or visit the store every time you need ice. However, while you may be spoiled by the added luxuries, remember you’re still on a camping trip. This means you’ll need to use the park’s facilities when showering etc.

Bingemans is ideal for kayaking and canoeing and campfires are allowed with wood being available at the park. There are planet of activities for families to enjoy and tent and RV camping are also available. Some of the most popular children’s activities include the wave pool, water slides, rock climbing, miniature golf, and go-karts. The park also offers family passes to the Big Splash water park and spa treatments and chef-cooked meals are available.