Ohio’s Jackson State Lake Park Proves Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to state parks and their scenery. One of the nicest parks for camping and hiking in America is Jackson Lake State Park in Oak Hill, Ohio, which is just 106 acres in size. The serene Jackson Lake is the park’s focal point and offers an ideal location for a peaceful getaway, not to mention great fishing and water recreation.

The camping area offers 34 electric sites, a dump station, a volleyball court, playground equipment, horseshoe pits, sporting and games equipment, and free Wi-Fi access. Pets are also welcome in designated areas. Boating is allowed on the lake as long as the crafts are 10-horsepower or lower. There’s a launch ramp at the park and it’s possible to rent a boat at the park.

Jackson Lake State Park

There are several types of fish in the lake, such as Muskie, bass, carp, catfish, and bluegill. For sunbathers and swimmers, you’ll find a 200-foot sandy beach.

The park’s 5 picnic areas offer wonderful lakeside views. There’s no hunting allowed, but it is permitted at the Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area, which is south of Jackson Lake State Park.There’s just as much to do in the winter as the lake is ideal for activities such as ice skating, sledding, and ice fishing.

There are some interesting local attractions near the park. One of the best of these is the Leo Petroglyph State Memorial. This 12-acre site is home to rock carvings that prehistoric Indians cut into the sandstone.

The carvings represent humans and animals as well as other forms of life. Other attractions include the Buckeye Iron Furnace State Memorial and the Lake Katharine State Nature Preserve.

The park itself lies in sandstone hills in southeastern Ohio. The hills belong to the Appalachian Highlands and have an assortment of animal and plant life. The region is heavily forested, making it look spectacular during the fall when the leaves change color.

Some of the most common trees are maple, oak, hickory, and tulip trees.  You’ll also be able to see white-tailed deer, skunks, wild turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, songbirds, great horned owls, amphibians and reptiles.

The mist-filled valleys and rugged hills are an ideal setting Jackson Lake State Park and the local history makes it an even more fascinating place for a camping and hiking trip.