North Dakota’s Icelandic State Park: A Delight Any Time of the Year

One of the most adventurous parks to visit in North Dakota is Icelandic State Park. The park sits on Lake Renwick’s north shore and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities to visitors along with some exceptional countryside. The natural beauty here is very impressive indeed and no matter where you go in the park it surrounds you at all times. Icelandic Park is located about five miles west of the community of Cavalier, which sits near the American/Canadian border. This makes it a popular camping and hiking site for both Americans and Canadians.

Some of the most popular activities here include swimming, boating, hiking, and camping. The fishing is also fantastic and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to take some northern pike back to your campsite for lunch or dinner. If you’re just there for a day trip and aren’t camping out you’ll be able to eat your catch in one of the park’s picnic areas.

For those who decide they’d like to camp out and spend a few days exploring the park you’ll find the campgrounds come with all of the modern amenities such as showers, washrooms, a sewage station, and electrical hook-ups. If you’re not the type to sleep under the stars, you’re in luck as there are also three cabins for rent between the middle of May and end of September.

The park is home to some educational and historical sites too. These include some restored old buildings and the Pioneer Heritage Center. In addition, you’ll find the Gunlogson Homestead and Nature Preserve inside of the park grounds as well. This is one of the state’s earliest homesteads which will take you back in time to the days of early pioneers. The homestead is 200 acres in size and sits in a wooded area alongside Tongue River. There are dozens of different plants, animals, and birds to view here too.

The park’s campgrounds make an ideal base point if you’d like to look around the surrounding area. There are numerous interesting places to visit close to the park. These include the Pembina County and State Museums, the Pioneer Machinery Site, the Gingras State Historic Site, Frost Fire Mountain, the Kittson Trading Post, Pembina Gorge, and the Jay Wessel Wildlife Area. There are also several restaurants in the area as well as alternative lodging options.

For exercise, you can take advantage of the wonderful trails that can be found in Icelandic State Park. There are several hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing routes that are quite popular. When visiting the Gunlogson Homestead you’ll find a trail that takes you along the Tongue River. There are also trails in the Gunlogson Nature Preserve. You can cross the river at several foot-bridge crossings and there are also some foot bridges over the natural springs that can be found in the park.

If you’re in the mood for hiking and golfing you can hike along the six-mile trail that takes you from the park into the town of Cavalier and the local golf course. Icelandic State Park is open in the winter and is an ideal getaway and adventure at any time of the year.

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