No Better Place To Discover And Admire The Beauty Of The Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa PineIf you have never been to Arizona’s Coconino National Forest you are missing out on many things.

The most beautiful of these attractions that you are missing out on is the glory and beauty of the Ponderosa pine.

If you have never been to Arizona’s Coconino National Forest we urge you to make this a part of your next camping trip.

Fall, winter, spring or summer Arizona’s Coconino National Forest is an absolutely breath taking view and experience of what Mother Nature really has to offer. Coconino is nature in its most beautiful and natural state.

According to many, the Ponderosa pine is the outline and epitome of the American West. Turn on any episode of Bonanza and you will see the Ponderosa pine. Watch any National Geographic show based in Colorado of the high desert of the southwest and those are most likely Ponderosa pines.

Environmentalists are in awe at the Ponderosa pine. They do not yet understand why the Ponderosa pine changes color throughout life and especially as the tree gets older the color becomes different in color. At one point lumberjacks thought they were two different trees.