Niagara Falls Offers Excellent Camping on Both Sides of the Border

While Niagara Falls is well known as one of the planet’s most fascinating sites and honeymoon capitals, it’s also a great place to enjoy exciting camping trips. In addition, it can make an ideal base while you visit the Falls and take in all of the attractions. There are numerous campgrounds on both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls.

Many of these offer amenities such as washrooms, showers, supply stores, swimming, fishing, boating, children’s play areas, internet access, and laundry facilities. Most campgrounds are made for tent and RV camping and allow pets. The type of ground you choose will likely depend on your budget and possibly its location.

Niagara Falls(photo credit: nicblockley)

If you’re pretty active, you’ll be able to cycle to the Falls from some of the sites. However, some of them will require transportation to and from the attractions. There are basically four different camping areas to select from in Niagara Falls. These are the lakes, river, canal, and falls regions. If you’re looking for somewhere relatively close to the Falls, then the falls and river areas are your best bets.

You’ll be able to locate several different campgrounds in New York that are owned by the state. These include places such as Watkins Glen State Park, Golden Hill State Park, Evangola state Park, and Four Mile Creek State Park. Most of these sites offer several activities such as cycling and fishing.

Along with state-owned sites, you’ll also be able to find some private campgrounds. Some of the best include Niagara Falls Campground and Lodging, Niagara Woodland, Niagara Falls North KOA, and Niagara County Camping Resort.

Niagara Falls Campground and Lodging features sites for 50 RVs and 15 tents. It has internet accessibility as well as an outdoor pool. Niagara Woodland is located in the popular river region and has sites for 40 RVs as well as most amenities including an outdoor pool, miniature golf, a sports venue, horseshoe pits, a game room, picnic tables and fire pits.

Niagara Falls North KOA is also in the river region and has 90 RV sites. It’s a more tranquil site and is about 12 miles from the Falls. The Niagara County Camping Resort sits in the canal region and has tent sites, five cabins, and room for 240 RVs. There is a miniature golf course and three different playgrounds. You’ll also find a petting zoo, two lakes, swimming, and fishing.

Other campgrounds on the American side of Niagara Falls include Niagara’s Lazy Lakes, Hartland RV Resort and campgrounds, the AA Royal Motel and Campground, and Harbor Resort. On the Canadian side, you’ll find Scott’s Family Campground, Campark Resorts, and the Riverside Park Motel and Campground as well as many others.

Camping out in the Niagara Falls region allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the historic area. Some of the grounds on the Canadian side are close to some amazing cycling trails and these locations attract many visitors on an annual basis. Many cyclists pedal these wonderful trails and roads and camp out at different sites each day of their journey.