New Mexico’s Jemez Springs Region – A Camper’s Delight

One of the most interesting camping areas in New Mexico is known as Jemez Springs. It’s a picturesque region that’s off the beaten tracks for most tourists.

You’ll pass by the Jemez Pueblo Reservation when entering the county and the red canyon walls will guide you to a fascinating region of America. You’ll notice food stands on the side of the roads and these where you can taste the local delicacy of Indian fry bread that’s covered in honey.

bandelier national monument

Take your time when traveling in Jemez, so you can enjoy the sights such as Soda Dam. This is a natural mineral dam which looks like deep cave formations. You can then hike to the wonderful Jemez Falls and check out the hot springs and Ponderosa, which is one of New Mexico’s top wineries.

You can also take an interesting tour of the Seven Springs Fish Hatchery, visit the town of La Cueva, and treat yourself to a relaxing massage and mineral bath in one of the local bathhouses. When you’re ready to do some more exploring you might want to visit the Gilman Tunnels and the Bandelier National Monument.

You can also fish for your supper if you like trout by trying your luck in the Jemez River. It’s such a wonderful area to spend a few days in and there are several fine campgrounds such as Bandelier National Monument, Jemez Falls, Fenton Lake State Park, Paliza, Las Conchas, San Antonio, and Redondo.