National Forests V. National Grasslands: Which Should You Chose For Your Next Camping Trip?

National GrasslandsObviously you should experience both national park forests as well as national grasslands.

And throughout your camping experiences you surely will experience both in a camping or hiking setting.

If you have been sticking to the camping experiences at national parks and forests you really should get out of your comfort zone and give national grassland a chance you will be extremely pleased with your experience.

Yes national grasslands are typically vast, open and empty. And oftentimes national grasslands are complete with cris-crossed barb wires for cattle so the cattle cannot get past the grassland.

The question we ponder is, is the reason grasslands seem so vast and open and empty because we are so small in comparison to their magnificence?

When you go to national grassland you will experience not only the beauty of the openness you will also experience many different types of plants and animals that you have never before seen or experienced.

Grasslands are unique and special because of the people who have gone before you and experienced their beauty as well as the people who will follow you to experience different beauty.