Minnesota Camping In The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes

minnesota campingThe state of Minnesota has a lot to offer families who enjoy camping and is a popular destination because it has some varied camping grounds in what is known as the Land of ten thousand lakes.

The Indian translation is sky blue waters and gives a clue to its beautiful landscapes and stunning beauty.

There are nearly twelve thousand lakes larger than ten acres and many more waterfalls, parks in this great American state. Many animals thrive here including the bob cat.

If you like plenty of space when you are camping then the Devil’s track lake campground, located in Grand Maria’s will fit the bill.

Being on the lake means plenty of activities including sailing and numerous other types of boats, all available to hire. It is quite secluded thanks to its westerly location so it is a great place to relax in.

For those that like to fish then the Ely’s campground adjacent to the birch lake will be a little bit of heaven. It is not the quietest of places as camping is allowed right up to the shoreline.

However the perfect fish habitat means that there are lots of crappie, walleye, pan fish, and northern pike.

The slightly more adventurous who like to ride horses and are keen to try snowmobiling will be drawn towards Ann lake campground which is set in a forest. Situated in Zimmerman it has excellent camping and walking which is a great alternative than the normal park setting.

Other places to consider are the Hok-Si-La and Crescent Lake camp ground both has something unique to offer for campers and equally worth discovering if it could be the perfect family camping spot for you and your family.