Mexico’s Terrain Provides Camping Paradise

While a lot of people prefer to stay in holiday resorts on the beautiful sandy beaches when they travel down to Mexico, be aware the country offers some magnificent camping opportunities.

Camping in Mexico can be quite mysterious, intriguing and challenging. It’s so easy to drift away from the mapped roadways and find yourself in the Chihuahuan Desert or Sierra Madre mountains, but it can easily be done with the proper planning and supplies.

mexicoThe terrain, landscape, and weather can all vary quite a bit in Mexico, so you should plan on camping in a variety of conditions.

This could include pitching a tent on a rocky ridge one night and camping out in the middle of a snowy-temperate forest the next.

When camping in the wonderful countryside make sure you take along the necessities as well as some spare material and clothing just in case.

Primitive camping is ideal in Mexico, so don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary toiletries. However, make sure you are careful when it comes to drinking the water and make sure you have an emergency kit and learn a few Spanish phrases in case you need help.

There are many places in Mexico where you can pitch a tent, but make sure you ask permission first if you’re on private property. You will also be able to find numerous supervised campgrounds, but if you like adventure, it’s a great place to explore the land and camp wherever you can.