Issues with Crowded Camping Spots

Camping is fun but can be quite stressful if you have to camp with hundreds of other people around you. The bare purpose of being closer to nature and minimum human contact is completely lost when the camping grounds are jam packed with campers. This can happen during the school summer break and memorial break.

Off season camping may not be fun due to the not so favorable weather conditions during them. Many camping grounds may be closed or may have water facilities turned off, a huge issue if you don’t have an RV with a shower.

Crowded Camping Spots

There are times when you can enjoy your camping trip without the crowd around. Those who like camping only in the summer can try doing so during the weekdays instead of the weekends. The camps will be comparatively less crowded. Also, activity trails and beaches will be free too.

You could try camping during school months. It may be difficult to take the kids off school, but will be worth it. Avoid Memorial Day weekend, instead camp after Memorial Day.

You could offer to work through the weekend and then take the week days Tuesday through Sunday off and enjoy camping. You could also try camping during early spring and fall. The nights might be a little cold but the camping grounds will be peaceful.

Another option would be to try out camping grounds that don’t see much crowd. New Mexico has a host of such camping grounds. These are beautiful places in amidst of nature and offer plenty of solitary camping.

Central Mexico has the Water canyon in Magdalena Mountains, Red Canyon in Manzano Mountains, Sapillo camping grounds in Gila Nayional forest Sandia Mountains.

North Central boasts of Juniper camping grounds, Bandelier National Monument, Cabresto lake, Columbine Canyon, Elephant Rock, Fawn Lakes and June Bug all in the Carson National Forest.

There are plenty of other unexplored camping grounds in Jemez Mountains, Rio Grande Gorge, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Sugarite Canyon State park, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Organ Mountains and others.