Going Underground For An Original Camping Trip

Cave of AltamiraThe caves are a magical fairy land full of beauty and mystery and in the mean time a chance for a wonderful camping adventure.

The cave exploring is one of the few activities that can be done while going camping in the mountains and can offer the camper both a thrill and the experience of being underground in a land of ancient dwelling sites.

The Cave of Altamira in Spain is one of the most targeted places for the Spain Campers and promises the tourist a wonderful experience.

Caves are usually better to be visited in the company of authorized personnel and usually in organized trips. This does not apply to those caves, campers usually find in the mountains. They are usually smaller but as fun to explore.

For the activity of enjoying a cave expedition while on a camping trip, some special equipment is a must. Helmets and cords are only a few of the must have items and waterproof clothes are always a good idea because caves may come with abrupt walls and rapid underground streams.

When camping in a foreign country it is advisable to contact a specialized guide for an underground adventure.

Unknown terrain can seem friendly but can also hide unexpected dangers and that is why having around somebody who knows the route can make the trip safer and definitely more fun.