Go Camping In The Sweet South Carolina For An Unforgettable Experience

For all those who love the great outdoors, South Carolina State Parks are a great way to have fun. The state parks cover an area exceeding 80,000 acres and the protected land extends from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy dunes of the Atlantic Ocean.

blue ridge mountainsThe park offers multitude on natural bounty along with historic sites and cultural treasures. There are towering waterfalls, picturesque forested mountains, Blackwater Rivers, inland lakes, ancient island shores and white sand beaches. Nature has blessed this region with all its bounties.

You can enjoy adventure sports like boating, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and plenty of hiking trails. South Carolina was among the original states, thus it has plenty of historical and cultural sites to be explored and enjoyed. For history buffs there are plenty of historic parks here, rich with valuable historic heritage.

south carolina parksIt’s a great destination for families and groups looking for an adventure holiday. The parks have villas and cabins, campgrounds, meeting rooms, picnic areas and equestrian stables. With plenty of adventure sports, you can be sure of a fun-filled camping holiday.

Plan the next adventure trip to discover the wonderful natural beauty of these parks. You can take advantage of the many South Carolina State Parks package to plan your vacation.