Get With Nature in Ireland

Ireland is a country where one can find the best spots for the city-slicker to be happy and feel at home in their own little havoc-wreaking hustle and bustle. However when you are in need of that serene, happy, quiet place, then Ireland is there to have your back. Everyone needs their time to just be amongst the greenery, sounds of the birds, and coastal breeze in their face. Dublin will likely be your landing spot, so get your city needs in while you can. After the hassle of parking at Dublin Airport, making your way through the chaos, and having long and loud crazy nights, then make your way out to the countryside to enjoy the other side of  Ireland.


County Down and Around

30 miles of marked routes dotted along the Upper and Lower Lough Erne will take you a couple of days to paddle through, unless you’re a beast at canoeing. Northern Ireland is in love with their canoes because they just can stop. More trails are popping up soon. The Strangford Lough has a salty island where you can stay in a used-to-be fishing bothy.

Nearby to Country Down is Bryansford and Tollymore, which are both adventurous and outdoorsy havens. Enjoy horses? Go ahead and ride one. Want to try something new? Why not dabble with mountainboarding. Up for some rocks? Try abseiling and bouldering. If you’re simple, just take a hike, literally. If you’re not up for getting dirty anymore, but still need to be outside, check out the championship golf course.

Set Sail

There’s tons of sailing clubs for those who are in need of the cool fresh air off the water in order to enjoy their day. One of the world’s oldest clubs is the Royal Cork Yacht Club, established in 1720. Dublin Bay and the other Eastern waters are the most popular areas to get your boat out in the deep blue, but Cork Harbor, Lough Swilly, and County Down are a few other choices.

Eat Greens

If seaweed is your thing, go get it yourself. OK, admittedly, this is a weird activity, but when outdoorsy activities get a bit repetitive, then harvesting your own seaweed is probably something you have never even heard of, no less done. Take your chance while you can and kayak around West Cork foraging for this foliage in the big open water around remote islands. Afterwards, refuel on Dulse seaweed scones, infused soups and other munchies.

To turn in to for the night, Sextons Caravan and Camping park is in West Cork and is a comfortable choice when turning in for the night.

Camp Out

Speaking about camping, there’s no point in talking about being in the outdoors in Ireland without mentioning camping. And the city life of Dublin and your at the airport will have you neededing nature at your fingertips as soon as possible.

The majestic mountains and incredible natural sites that cover this country can only be truly enjoyed while roasting yourself near a fire and sleeping under the stars, so camping it is!

To take in some of the best views, Mannix Point in Kerry seems to be a pretty sweet spot. Iveragh Peninsula mountains swallows the area for a picturesque view of the coastline by Cahirciveen.

Acton’s Beachside Camping Park in Galway makes for a camping and beach bummers haven. The campsite has its own private beach and the nearby Omey Island is an idyllic getaway. This campsite is one of the few eco-campsites in the whole country.