Florida Ideal For Year Round Camping

florida campingThe temperate climate of Florida means it is a very popular place for campers and with four national forests where a camping tent can be pitched on a whim, it has a lot to offer those that love sleeping under the stars.

It is advisable to take a tent equipped to keep out snakes and snake bite by either a zipped up door or more commonly a special net that can be tucked in to make the area secure.

There are many snakes in these parts, six of whom are deadly, including the coral snake, southern copperhead and the timber rattlesnake.

With over seven hundred thousand acres of forests, lakes and a multitude of other natural habitats, Florida is a haven for many different activities. From swimming to boating or if you prefer to be on the coast, there is one hundred miles of wonderful camping right by the sea. There are also nearly one hundred and sixty parks in the region.

To show how massive the potential here is for camping, Florida is divided into five geographical classifications. These are central Florida which includes Lakeland and Ocala, the North West and Panama City, the North East and Jacksonville. The site of Naples in the south West and finally in the South East is home to camping at Key Largo and Key West.

You will be sharing your environment with plenty of wildlife including the Florida Black Bear and the American Alligator. The coastline is home to colonies of terns and pelican, as well as egrets and herons.