Fall Camping At North Fork Mountain West Virginia

It is a really great place that is very secluded and very rugged. Each year there is a 24 mile mountain bike race there and dozens of people come from all around to ride in this race.

To get there you go to smoke hole and then out smoke hole road about 12 miles. The road will split to the left and to the right. To the left is the main road and to the right you will read a sign that states “Dead End”.

You drive out the “Dead End” road and eventually come to a farm and there is another sign that tells you not to continue if you are in a passenger vehicle.

Four Wheel drive vehicles are recommended. If you continue from that point you will see why the road has very steep drop offs with no guard rail and there are very large rocks in the road that you must navigate around.

The road continues for miles and miles with no houses or inhabitants other than wildlife. As you meander up the mountain you will cross gas line right-of-ways that give you a glimpse of the huge valley below. The views are truly astounding.

After about 20 – 30 minutes of driving you will make it to the top of North Fork Mountain. There is a radio transmitter station up there and a small road that continues around it.