Explore The Many Wonderful Campgrounds Of Argentina

Argentina is basically a paradise for campers as it has it all including city campground, bush camping in Patagonia, and private, luxurious campgrounds throughout the country’s Lake District.

Many of the cities feature municipal campgrounds that are known as balnearios to local residents where campsites are quite inexpensive. You’ll soon find how much Argentineans love their meat as these municipal sites always supply barbecues to grill your steak and other delicacies on.

argentina campgroundsIn fact, many people visit the sites just for day trips to enjoy the barbecues and loud music that usually comes with them.

The high season for camping is January, February, and July and this is when people enjoy camping Libre and Argentina’s national parks.

Camping libre translates into free camping, but most of the sites don’t have many facilities. However, they do allow you to camp out in some of the most spectacular countryside in the world in the nation’s national parks.

The parks also offer refugios, which are basic campgrounds, usually used by hikers. Some of them also sell snacks and provide shelter as well as a place to cook outside.

Camping privado means privately owned grounds and can be found in the countryside as well as some cities. The facilities and cost will vary. Bush camping is also popular where you can pitch a tent at the bottom of a mountain and along a riverside.

However, make sure it’s public land and not owned by anybody and if it is, ask for permission first. There’s so much beautiful and untouched land in Argentina that you can’t go wrong by embarking on a camping adventure.