Everything’s Bigger in Alaska

Alaska isn’t just big — it’s extra big. As the largest state in the United States of America, Alaska has some bragging rights that seem inalienable. Not a single one of the other 49 states can hold a candle to some of the records for size Alaska holds.

As Alaska is so far north, it claims a climate and a landscape that can’t be found in the rest of the United States. This wild country offers plants and animals that are rather unique to the area, not to mention that they are the biggest and most impressive of their kind.

We’ll take a look at some of the records that have been set in the plant, animal and geologic realms in Alaska. If you haven’t already decided that seeing Alaska should be on your bucket list, this just may convince you in a big way.

biggest moose

The Biggest Moose

Moose are big animals. Even an average moose is between 4.6 and 6.9 feet tall at the shoulder, with the females weighing anywhere from 440 to 790 pounds. The males are much larger and can weigh from 840 to 1,500 pounds. The antler span of a mature male moose can be between four and five feet across.

Most of the biggest moose in the world live in Alaska, so it’s no surprise that most of the record holders have been taken here. There is some dissent over the hunter who holds the record for the largest moose taken down, but most record keepers agree that it was a bull moose shot by John A. Crouse in 1994 in the Fortymile River area. According to Boone and Crockett, Mr. Crouse’s moose had antlers with a spread of just over 65 inches.

However, recent developments suggest that the record held by Mr. Crouse may shortlybe toppled. A Yukon man is currently waiting for his antlers to be judged; results should come later this year.

The Biggest Fish

Alaska is well-known as a fishing mecca. Not only do professional fishers ply the dangerous ocean waters off the coast of the state, but amateur anglers travel from all over the world and attempt to land a big Alaskan fish. As Alaska is home to many types of game fish, there are several different types of fish that have helped create the ultimate fish tale.

The largest halibut ever caught in the state of Alaska came in at a whopping 459 pounds. It was caught in 1996 in Unalaska Bay by the proud Jack Tragis. The biggest trout was a steelhead, caught in 1970 by David White, and the fish weighed over 42 pounds. In the Kenai River area in 1985, one Lester Anderson landed a whopper of a chinook salmon, listed at 97 pounds.

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The Biggest Earthquake

Due to its location along the Pacific Rim, Alaska is no stranger to earthquakes. In fact, there are several earthquakes each day in Alaska, but few of them cause any real damage.

On March 27, 1964 at 5:36 p.m. an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.2 struck just off the Alaskan coast.It was the second largest earthquake ever recorded, after a 9.5 which struck Chile in 1960. The epicenter was in College Fiord, which is 90 kilometers west of Valdez and 120 kilometers east of Anchorage. The duration of the earthquake was approximately four minutes.

The earthquake triggered landslides, avalanches and a tsunami, and sadly, 115 people in Alaska lost their lives. The damage was estimated to have cost almost $400 billion.

The Biggest Cabbage

Because of the extended growing season in the extreme northern areas of Alaska, there have been record-setting vegetables grown each year. Lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins and other varieties have all made the list.

In 2012, Scott Robb, a farmer in Palmer, Alaska, brought his record-breaking prize-winning cabbage to the Alaska State Fair. The giant vegetable weighed in at 138.25 pounds, which beat Mr. Robb’s previous record by 35 pounds. The giant cabbage also beat the former world record cabbage by 11 pounds, a record also held by an Alaskan.

Of course, there are many more items on Alaska’s extreme list. Animals, fish and geologic events are just a few of the amazing things that this state has to offer. Consider a visit to the Last Frontier and you just might come away with things to add to your own list of the biggest and best.

Photo Credit By: africansanimals.blogspot.in