Enjoy Your Summer Camping At Bowdish Lake

Are you planning for summer camping? New England has some of the best campgrounds which range from riverside, oceanside, wooded or camping lake front. If you like traditional camping, then you can prefer Bowdish Lake with large wooded sites.

There is more to do at Bowdish Lake than just hanging out such as hiking, swimming, fishing and whitewater paddling.

Situated near Bowdish Lake camping site, Bowdish Reservoir Dam has perfect water scenery.

Campground situated in Glocester, Rhode Island on 300 acre Bowdish Lake, also contains 3500 acre George Washington state park in Blackstone River Valley on the border. You can find hiking trails and bike paths to enjoy the nature. Bass fishing is one of the activities you can enjoy at Bowdish Lake.

Near Bowdish Lake, you discover the Munyan Trail which is a splendid hiking trail. Wilbur pond, 30 acre quiet pond, suitable for row boats and canoeing, is another place to relax. You can always go whitewater paddling on Natchaug River near Bowdish Lake.

Another magnificent whitewater spot near by Bowdish Lake is Quinebaug River. When you are at Bowdish Lake, you should never miss skiing at Yawgoo valley.

Bowdish Lake provides relaxation from your busy life and offers a chance to enjoy together with your family.

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